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Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines

To avoid any additional delays on your order it is important to have the correct artwork available in a suitable format, as outlined on this page.

If you have any questions regarding artwork guidelines, feel free to call our friendly team on 01253 297888, or get in touch through the Contact page.




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View Guidelines



View Guidelines

Just a quick note…

If you are unable to provide artwork in the correct format, don’t worry, in most instances we can re-create this for you, and would be happy to give a price for this upon seeing your particular artwork. Depending on factors such as order quantities and the complexity of the design we strive to provide this service free of charge wherever possible, so it really is best to ask if you need any advice on our guidelines.


Block Colours

Block colours are perfect for screen printing, transfer printing and embroidery.

Should you not have block colour artwork available in vector format for printing or embroidery, we can convert (re-draw) this for you at a cost of £20+VAT. If this is necessary we will notify you and confirm the cost with you if applicable before progressing with your order.

For larger orders, depending on the complexity of the design, we may be able to provide this service free of charge.

Acceptable File Types


.AI / .PDF / .EPS

Please do not create a flat image (bitmap file) and then save it as an AI, PDF or EPS file. It is still a flat image and would be unusable unless we re-draw it.

. PDFs must maintain edit capabilities and be created from vector files.

Why does it have to be a vector?

In a nutshell a vector allows a high level of quality for your customised garment. For print it allows us to scale as necessary avoiding blurring of the image as it is not pixel based, and also create cut lines for transfer printing.

Will I have this format?

If you had your logo designed by a designer they should be able to provide it in vector format. Alternatively, if you have had any business stationary such as business cards or letterheads printed, it may be worth contacting your supplier and enquiring whether they have your logo in this format.

Pantone Matching


We are happy to provide a Pantone matching service free of charge for our screen printing service, and will try to achieve as close as it possible with our transfer printing and embroidery services. Ideally, all colours should be converted to spot colours, however it most instances we can do this our end. Be sure to let us know what Pantone colours we are matching for you.

Complex Images

Complex images can be achieved with screen printing (process) and transfer printing with the correct artwork, but in many instances isn’t appropriate for embroidery.

Complex images could include CMYK artwork, photographs, gradients and shading. Artwork must be supplied at the exact size, or larger than the size required and at least 300dpi at this size. If possible colours should be separated in layers in a PSD file format. Simple gradients for printing can also be provided in vector format as in block colours above.

Acceptable File Types


For a brilliant end result and avoid issues such as blurred images, artwork must be supplied at the exact size or larger than the size required, and be at least 300dpi at this size. If possible colours should be separated in layers in a PSD file format.

Type and Text

Type and text only designs are great for screen printing, transfer printing and embroidery.

In many instances we can match your font from an image, or let us know the name of the font you require for the best results. For embroidery, different fonts require different sizes to ensure letters (such as the middle of an e) don’t close up, this is rare and will be discussed with you if we encounter any problems. We may suggest ideas such as re-arranging the content for best results, this often results in extra stitches (time) for us however we are happy to provide this at the same price, resulting in a better end product for our loyal customers.

Acceptable File Types


Most file types will be absolutely fine, or even if it’s just the text you’d like in an email, for best results please provide us with the name of the font you require or we can match it for you. In rare instances some fonts may not be suitable for embroidery, in which case we will contact you with some alternative ideas and come to a solution for you before going ahead with production, ensuring you are happy with the final products.

Additional Information

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